All starting to come together!

So the whole process is starting! Eik! It’s exciting and scary at the same time! But mostly exciting! I went to the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop in San Jose presented by Jay Shaffer this weekend. It was a really good workshop and I was surprised at how many pages of notes I had by the end of it! I also met a lot of awesome people! And also, I was able to go see a recently completed tumbleweed house. It was nice being able to actually be inside one. Part of me feared, what if I build the whole thing just to realize it’s just too small to live in. But after being inside one this weekend, I just feel even more in love with it and can’t WAIT to live in mine! 🙂

At the lunch brake of the 1st day I bought plans to the Fencl! Then, on the second day, while everyone else was designing their tiny house (which I didn’t need to do since I’m pretty much going to be following the exact plans to the fencl) I decided to look for trailers on line and found a trailer that is not exactly the size I need (slightly longer, which is great I think). and at a reasonable price. I went to look at the trailer tonight and it looks great! He’s selling it to me for $1750 plus $200 for the locks (I don’t know if $200 is a good deal or not but I figured it doesn’t matter because I was expecting to pay over $2000 for a trailer and between the trailer and locks the total is $1950 which is under what I expected to pay). I am so excited! It’s starting to become real now!

I’m anxious to start building! I’ll be tempted to start building as soon as I get the trailer but realistically I won’t be able to start until June because during may I’ll be working full time, going to school, piano lessons once a week and chiro appointments 3 times a week, looking for a studio to live while I build my house, will then have to move my stuff and have several yard sales to get rid of stuff, and I have a birthday party to plan. Gah! Too much stuff to do in one month, when all I want to do is start building my house 😛


moving forward

I was hoping that my dad could come out to Los Angeles for a week or two to help me build my tiny house.  Last night I went to NC to visit my parents and I brought the subject up and my dad seemed pretty against the idea and told me not to build it.  I felt discouraged but this morning I showed my parents videos of Tiny Houses (including Dee Williams video) and they seem more recepted, skeptical perhaps, but more open.  My mom even took me to Lowes today and I applied for a Lowes card!  I am now one more step to starting my tiny house 🙂


So I think I will be starting to build my tiny house in May! Life could always throw a curve ball and delay my tiny house building but hopefully *knocks on wood* that wont’ happen!  I had been going back and forth on what was more important to me, building my tiny house, or going to Japan. I still can’t say that one is more important than the other.  I think they are equally important to me but I was planning a trip to Japan but those plans fell threw so I feel that perhaps that for the time being, going to Japan wasn’t meant to happen. (but I have confidence that I will make it happen later!) So since that fell through, I decided to move forward with building my tiny house! I just got some money from doing my taxes which will enable me to start the process and I will most likely set up a payment plan with Home Depot or something and pay that off over the next year (which will end up costing me less than if I rented an apartment so I’m not worried about the “debt”).

I’m excited because I just signed up for the Tumbleweed Tiny House work shop in San Jose.  It’s not until April 28th. I can’t wait! 🙂 Originally I wanted to start building at the beginning of April but I decided I should wait until the workshop because I don’t want to mess up anything with my tiny house so I am going to wait until the workshop.

I probably won’t update this blog much until I start building so hopefully see ya in May 😉

no tiny house?

reality looks like I might not get to build a tiny house after all.  I thought I’d find some way to pay for it but the reality is with a couple sick cats and an uncertain future, I may not be able to come up with the money I need to build my tiny house 😦  We shall see…

freedom from landlords!

So tonight I came home to find a letter from our apartment manager telling us that they will be raising out rent $300 as of December 1st (which neither of us can afford!) unless we sign a year lease!  Neither of us were planning on signing a year lease so more than likely we will both have to move as of December 1st.  Not only does this make me want to build my tiny house even faster but also give me one more reason why owning my own house on wheels will be a good idea.  I won’t have to deal with this sort of thing any more!

urban beekeeping!

For a year and a half  now (maybe longer?) I’ve really been wanting to have a bee hive and to participate in urban bee keeping.  Unfortunately because of my debt I haven’t been able to afford the bee hive or equipment.  But if I can score the land from the person who responded to my craigslist ad, I would more than enough space to have a bee hive and by the time my house is build I won’t be in debt any more so I’ll be able to afford to buy the hive.  I’m excited! 🙂

This guy is a hoot!

lol This is a great video!